Franchising at Eve’s

Qualifications of candidate/prospective franchisee

  • High interpersonal and teamwork skills,
  • Entrepreneurship spirit
  • Success and excellence ambition
  • Meticulous care for hygiene and cleaning
  • Managerial skills
  • Capability and desire to dedicate his/her all time and power to the new business
  • Having required financial opportunities


Overall Agreement conditions

  • Franchising agreement is effective for 5 years and can be extended upon mutual agreement.
  • 3% of turnover is charged for advertisement contribution and royalty.

Investment costs

  • Investment costs include Franchising initial fee, Planning, modification, decoration, technical infrastructure implementation, machinery-equipment, POS sale systems, show signs and advertisement boards, pre-start-up staff training costs, service instruments equipment costs.
  • Liabilities towards governmental entities, municipalities, electricity, water and insurance entities, conduct of procedures and costs there are on account of the franchisee.


Qualifications of Business Place

  • Having high pedestrian traffic
  • Located on roads used for walking/wandering
  • Located at points used highly for meeting of people
  • Places where breaks are given for resting


Franchisee Profit Margin rates

  • Profit margin is between 65% and 85% of product sales. Such difference is completely up to the city or location where the shop is located.
  • In other words, 15% to 35% of total turnover is spent for the product cost.
  • You can calculate your potential net profit by adding personnel, rent and other fixed expenditures to it.
  • You can call our Franchising info line +90 850 247 0 777 to get more information from our franchising advisors.


Franchising PROCESS at EVE’S

Step 1 : Filing application:

The full application must be made from web site. Applications not made from web site shall not be taken into account. You can call our Franchising info line +90 850 247 0 777 to get informations and support from our franchising advisors.

Step 2 : Evaluation of application (one week):

The received form is evaluated by our franchising department. Affirmative applicants are called for face-to-face interview.

Step 3 : Evaluation of Dealer candidate (one week):

During the first meeting, the dealer candidate is informed in details and if agreed on general criteria, preliminary agreement is signed and procedure is continued.  If there is candidate real estate, it may be visited or it can be recommended or sought in potential places.

Step 4 : Visiting candidate real estate and evaluation (one week):

Candidate real estate is visited and evaluated. If evaluation is positive, roughly sizes are measured.

Step 5 : Estimation of approximate investment cost (3 days):

Approximate investment cost is calculated based on roughly measurements of sizes and notified to the prospective dealer.

If the prospective dealer approves cost, the procedure is continued. If the cost is not approved, it is proceeded to look for new places meeting financial structures.

Step 6 : Measuring candidate real estate, preparation of architectural design and calculation of net investment cost (two weeks) :

After deciding on place and cost, the candidate real estate property sizes are measured and architectural design is prepared. Net investment cost is calculated and presented to the prospective dealer.

Step 7 : Signing Dealer Agreement (one week):

Upon reaching agreement, required documents are requested and franchising agreement is drafted out and signed. Project is started when financial liabilities stipulated under agreement are met.

Step 8 : Planning and approximate calendar preparation for modification and implementation (one week):

Required planning for turn-key delivery start-up is made and a calendar is prepared.

Step 9 : Placing orders, start and realization of the  project (two – four months):

Orders for all required equipment, instruments tools, materials, furniture, fixture etc. are placed while modifications are started. As cool air chain and infrastructure is highly important, the entire project is supervised and implemented by Eve’s Icecream team.

Step 10 : Staff recruitment and training:

The advertisements are given three weeks before opening, interviews are held during the second week and selected

candidates are trained during the last week.

Step 11 : Supply and implementation of advertisement and promotional materials:

Further measurements for advertisements are taken and orders are placed before opening. They are applied before opening.

Step 12 : Testing infrastructure:

All machines and equipment are cleaned and tested before opening.

Step 13 : Placing product orders:

All the required products are supplied and delivered to the store one day before opening.

Step 14 : And the big day “OPENING”

The opening decorations are started from the night or early in the morning and made ready for opening. The opening

organization planned in advance is conducted and sales are started with the help of the support team.

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