Firstly, we invite you all to taste Eve’s Icecream for perceiving its glorified taste and at the same time, we also would like to thanks our customers for their sincere interest in our brand.

Eve’s Icecream is a successful European brand that blends the best aspects of the ice cream recipes from all over the world.

We offer our customers a rich menu that includes products from various ice creams to Belgian Waffles, homemade lemonade, milkshakes, salep and hot chocolate.

Eve’s icecream owes its success and customer satisfaction to various factors such as its European chefs, market research and development policy, first quality equipment used for production, hygienic measures and most importantly to its professional and qualified managers.

Our main purpose of branching is to offer these fabulous flavors with the same freshness  daily to our customers.

Eve’s Icecream is now welcoming new investors and entrepreneurs who are meeting on a common ground with the company’s existing principles and rules.

Therefore, you are welcomed to be a sincere part of Eve’s Icecream family.

Information Line: +90 850 247 0 777

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